Täienduskoolitus “Kuidas lugeda, mõista ja õpetada Uut Testamenti?”


Täienduskoolitus “Kuidas lugeda, mõista ja õpetada Uut Testamenti?” 9.-11.mail (K-R) Nuutsakul koos külalisõppejõud Fred Hanseniga. Koolituse hind 55 eurot sisaldab ka toitlustust ja majutust.
Loengud on inglise keeles.

Loengute teemad:

Unit 1: Introduction to Exegesis
  1. Why is it necessary to study the New Testament rather than simply read it?
  2. What is exegesis and why is it necessary?
  3. How does one study the New Testament for the purpose of letting it convict cultures and individuals with its truth?


Unit 2: Survey the Text/How to Create a Precís
  1. Read a Pauline epistle in its entirety
  2. Create a study outline of issues to explore


Unit 3: Socio-Historical Context
  1. Geography, Politics, Sociology, etc.
  2. Topography and Meteorology.
  3. Calendars


Unit 4:  Grammatical Context
  1. Outline biblical passage in one’s own language
  2. Note words or sentences that may require additional study


Unit 5: Word Studies
  1. Lexical studies for students who do not know Greek.


Unit 6: Literary Genres/Narrative/Gospels
  1. Introduction to the Historical Jesus
  2. Narrative, epistle, etc.
  3. Introduction to Narrative in the Gospels


Unit 7: Literary Genres/Epistles/Acts
  1. Introduction to Historical Paul
  2. Epistolary Structures
  3. Examination of Two New Testament Epistles
Unit 8: Preaching and Teaching from the New Testament
  1. Planned Preaching
  2. General Advice on Preaching